Other projects

Settlers’ Book Club: settlersbookclub.com

This is a book club I have started to educate ourselves about whose land we live on, what is means to be a Settler, how colonization is an ongoing process, and what reconciliation might look like.

Photo walking tours: catswalk.wordpress.com

Photo Collective: CAMera Collective

The Female City

This is a documentation project that I have been doing since 2003. I am photographing how women are represented in culture:  female images (statues, objects, signs, graffiti, and so on) that are found in various European and North American cities. This series is an exploration of how women are depicted in an urban setting and reflects the larger issue of a woman’s place in society. How are women represented, and who is doing the representing? The photos illustrate the different ways in which the female form is used as a decorative object or for commercial purposes, to mark a historical figure, or to make a presence known.

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