Exhibition Images

2019: Conspiracy of Crones group exhibition; U-Hall Space, Truck Gallery, Calgary, AB

‘On the Land but not of it’ installation: map printed on fabric attached to gatorboard and suspended from ceiling, embroidery, thread, soil

Schick19 1

Schick19 2

map of where my ancestors settled and the exact location embroidered

Schick19 3

SchickJacobsenInglis 19

Melody Jacobsen photocollages to the right and Angela Inglis paperworks on the wall behind

SchickSwederGraceDawkins 19

Jane Grace installation (table piece), Patricia Dawkins installation (lightboxes in alcove) and Leslie Sweder paintings

2017: CAMera Collective exhibition Close to Home; U-Hall space, Truck Gallery, Calgary, AB

10 13×19″ digitally collaged ‘City Anatomy’ color photographs (anatomy images overlayed on top of city landscapes)


2015: CAMera Collective (formerly Urban Canada Foto Kollective) exhibition Wild Life, during Exposure Photo Festival; U-Hall space, Truck Gallery, Calgary, AB

10 11×14″ color photographs with stencils of animals cut out of them, mounted on gatorboard frames, image 1 inch from wall



2014: ‘Through a Lens Lightly’, Museum of Ephemera, Nakusp, BC

55 8.5×11″ color photographs, 42 Polaroids

Cat IMG_0828 Cat IMG_0835 Cat IMG_0845

 ‘Photodrawings’, Calgary Centre for Performing Arts window galleries

12 13×19″ images

Cat IMG_1793 Cat IMG_1795 Cat IMG_1796

2013: CAMera Collective (UCFK) exhibition ‘Yo Nature’, part of Exposure Photo Festival, Hot Wax Records, Calgary, AB

12 16×16″ black and white images (4 from each member)

Cat IMG_9737 Cat IMG_9734 Cat IMG_9730


2011: CAMera Collective (UCFK) exhibition ‘Danger Town’, Epcor Centre for Performing Arts window galleries, Calgary

installation consisting of 15 8×10″ images, surveillance monitor, camera, and sign

2010: Calgary Allied Arts Foundation (CAAF) St[art] studio residency,          Art Central, Calgary

16×20″ color photographs, 8×10″ black and white photographs, several 4×6″ color photographs attached to a map of downtown Calgary with string, Polaroid piece (70 Polaroids of Zürich)

CAMera Collective (UCFK) exhibition ‘Trace’, Untitled Art Society +15 window gallery, Calgary (photo second from left)

2.5′ x 3.5′ color print

‘ArTours’, group show with Tomas Jonsson and Sharon Stevens,              TRUCK Gallery, Calgary

  60 8×10″ color photographs, photographs also submitted by the public of various sizes

2009 – ‘Compendium’, group show with Cynthia Ward and Tim Westbury, self-produced exhibition at 1111 – 11th Ave SW, Calgary

40 5×7″ images printed on 8.5×11″ paper, 28 Polaroids


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