Exhibition Images

2017: CAMera Collective exhibition Close to Home; U-Hall space, Truck Gallery, Calgary, AB

  • 10 13×19″ digitally collaged ‘City Anatomy’ color photographs, pinned to the wall


2015: CAMera Collective (formerly Urban Canada Foto Kollective) exhibition Wild Life, during Exposure Photo Festival; U-Hall space, Truck Gallery, Calgary, AB

  • 10 11×14″ color photographs with stencils of animals cut out of them, mounted on gatorboard frames, image 1 inch from wall



2014: ‘Through a Lens Lightly’, Museum of Ephemera, Nakusp, BC

– 55 8.5×11″ color photographs, 42 Polaroids

Cat IMG_0828 Cat IMG_0835 Cat IMG_0845

 ‘Photodrawings’, Calgary Centre for Performing Arts window galleries

– 12 13×19″ images

Cat IMG_1793 Cat IMG_1795 Cat IMG_1796

2013: CAMera Collective (UCFK) exhibition ‘Yo Nature’, part of Exposure Photo Festival, Hot Wax Records, Calgary, AB

– 12 16×16″ black and white images (4 from each member)

Cat IMG_9737 Cat IMG_9734 Cat IMG_9730


2011: CAMera Collective (UCFK) exhibition ‘Danger Town’, Epcor Centre for Performing Arts window galleries, Calgary

– installation consisting of 15 8×10″ images, surveillance monitor, camera, and sign

2010: Calgary Allied Arts Foundation (CAAF) St[art] studio residency,          Art Central, Calgary

– 16×20″ color photographs, 8×10″ black and white photographs, several 4×6″ color photographs attached to a map of downtown Calgary with string, Polaroid piece (70 Polaroids of Zürich)

CAMera Collective (UCFK) exhibition ‘Trace’, Untitled Art Society +15 window gallery, Calgary (photo second from left)

– 2.5′ x 3.5′ color print

‘ArTours’, group show with Tomas Jonsson and Sharon Stevens,              TRUCK Gallery, Calgary

60 8×10″ color photographs, photographs also submitted by the public of various sizes

2009 – ‘Compendium’, group show with Cynthia Ward and Tim Westbury, self-produced exhibition at 1111 – 11th Ave SW, Calgary

– 40 5×7″ images printed on 8.5×11″ paper, 28 Polaroids

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